Why should covers be maintained?

The maintenance of machine tool covers is a basic prerequisite for a functioning machine and production. When the machine’s protection is in good working order, maintenance of the machine’s other mechanical parts is easier. Therefore, maintenance of covers should be regular and pre-emptive. Regular maintenance of covers has many benefits:

Cover before maintenance service
Cover after maintenance service

Maintenance service

Our years of experience and expertise enable us to service all types of way covers quickly and reliably according to customer requirements. We service telescopic covers, bellows covers and industrial roller blinds. We always do a complete maintenance: renewing surfaces, replacing consumable parts and repairing any defects from small scratches to large dents. We can also carry out speedy repairs instead of thorough maintenance, if the customer needs to get their production back up again quickly.

You can send your machine tool covers to Maxjas Oy for evaluation and we will then send you a preliminary estimate of the cost of maintenance or alternatively, a quote for a new cover. We can also rework covers according to customer needs and wishes. The maintenance schedule will be agreed with the client, and the covers are delivered to the desired address by the agreed date.

Installation and collection

We carry out maintenance work all over Finland and Estonia. We have extensive equipment, which enables us to offer diverse services at our clients’ locations. Through us, you can order both repairs, evaluations as well as collections at your location. We can collect and deliver projects measuring several metres and weighing a few tonnes with our own equipment. All transportations and work are always agreed with the client personally.

Through us you can order, among other things:


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