Covid-19/Droplet shield partitions

Covid-19/Droplet shield partitions

Maxjas Oy protects your staff and your workplace! Maxjas responds to the threats posed by coronavirus and the challenges of workplace protection by offering its customers Covid-19/ droplet shield partitions for workplaces and workstations.

We offer personal protection equipment to help protect against droplet infections for varying spaces and needs. The global turmoil caused by Covid-19 has forced us all to find solutions to protect our workers and to enable them to return to work safely.

It is particularly important to protect spaces in which people work closely with one another and are in direct contact with colleagues or customers against the potential spread of illness. Droplet shields or splash guards made of plexiglass are a simple and cost-effective way to protect your employees and prevent the spread of droplet infections.

Droplet shield partitions help ensure sufficient protection from other employees and customers in areas where long safety distances are not an option. We want to do our part to help combat Covid-19 and to ensure a safe working environment for our customers. Through us, you can also order sturdy droplet shield guards for machine tool workstations and for open-plan offices, as well as face shields.

Protective walls and corners

Protective plexiglass walls are an effective solution for isolating workstations and dividing open spaces in open-plan offices, production facilities, schools, waiting rooms and meeting rooms, for example.

Adjustable and movable protective walls can be placed between workstations, or they can be used to create a shielded corner. Protective walls can easily be used to insulate people to prevent the spread of droplet infections.

In addition to droplet control, the multi-purpose protective walls work as room dividers and can also be used as protection against other threats, such as projectile particles at and near machine workstations. The protective walls come with mounting plates, which keep the walls firmly upright while allowing easy movement of the walls and changes in their layout.

Tabletop droplet shields

Our freestanding droplet shields are easy to move as they do not require fixed installation and they are ideal for customer service points such as cash register desks and counters. The droplet shields come in three different sizes and are also available with a transaction window.


The shields are made from transparent and durable polycarbonate sheet which is 4mm thick.


You can also order our droplet shields in custom sizes!

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