Armoured roller blinds

Armoured roller blinds

Armoured roller blinds can be delivered with or without casing. The blinds are also available as walk-over models that can replace telescopic covers. Armoured roller blinds can even be used as movement platforms. For further information, please call us, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or email us at



The blind consists of a highly seepage-resistant base material and aluminium or brass strips riveted to it from one or both sides.

Figure 1: The aluminium strips can be attached using a guide tape, in which case the blind is loosely hand-sewn, or they can be attached permanently.
Image 2: The rewinder rolls the blind along the guide tape.


Armoured roller blinds can be mounted using steel angles or moving hinges. A guide is not recommended when using moving hinges.



Image 3 presents the different strip options.
Ms, St, Al
16 mm x 5 mm 20 mm x 6 mm
15 mm x 2 mm

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