Maxjas Oy designs and sells diverse lubrication systems, spare parts and covers for different machine tools all over Finland. Our products are among the most reliable and tested products out there, and all of them come with a quality guarantee. We deliver original or replacement wipers and spare parts directly from stock.

Our new product group is machine guards!

We deliver spare parts and equipment to the desired address, as early as the next morning. You can make inquiries and place orders conveniently by phone, by email or online using the contact form below. For further information about our products, see our product pages. They can be accessed either through the menu on the left or at the top of the page.

Note! Please get in touch ahead of time if you know that your company will soon be needing maintenance or spare parts. Then, we can speed up delivery and reserve products in our stock just for you, making sure that you receive the products that you want on the date when you need them.

Frequently asked questions

Maxjas Oy supplies way and bellows covers, chip conveyors and way lubrication equipment, machine guards, cable channels and other accessories for machine tools. We offer extensive maintenance services for way covers for machine tools and comprehensive life cycle services for our way covers.

At the latest, way covers should be serviced when they become visibly worn, dented or damaged. However, maintenance is best done pre-emptively, which is why Maxjas recommends regular, annual maintenance for way covers. By following that approach, the covers will last longer and production is shielded from unexpected shutdowns.

If you do not know whether your way covers require maintenance or not, you can arrange for Maxjas to evaluate the condition and remaining lifetime of the covers free of charge.

In terms of maintenance of way covers, we replace section wipers, smooth section surfaces, replace any worn or damaged slides, bearings, brass and other parts. Each repaired cover is tested before return to the customer. Before each maintenance service, the client is given a cost estimate and details of the work to be done. On request, we can also carry out installation after maintenance.

We can procure way covers for any machine. We can take the measurements from the old cover and provide a new one quickly and at a competitive price.

Our life cycle service helps companies to get a better understanding of maintenance as a whole and to be prepared for the next step in maintaining their way covers. With our life cycle service, we identify and classify the way covers sent to us according to their condition. When the cover’s next estimated maintenance date is due, we already know what work needs to be carried out. 

This enables us to accurately monitor the development of the way cover’s condition and provide a new cover for our client in time, before the way cover reaches the end of its life. This in turn creates continuous savings for our clients and prevents unnecessary production downtime.