Life cycle services

Life cycle services for machine tool protection

Maxjas Oy has been in the business of industrial maintenance for nearly 30 years, and our main activity is to maintain, install and import CNC machine tool parts and part systems. Our company’s central product groups are way and bellows covers, chip conveyors and way lubrication systems.

We know from experience that when it comes to equipment and how it wears, it is not a question of if the machines will break down, but when. When we accept the fact that machines do not last forever, we can turn our attention to anticipating break-downs and preparing for them.

In our work, we have noticed that by providing life cycle services that are customised to our clients’ needs, we can provide machine shops with the best value for money invested in maintenance – from the moment when the machine tool cover is purchased, throughout its maintenance over its lifetime and all the way through to disposal. By predicting covers’ maintenance needs, we have successfully created continuous savings and avoided unnecessary production downtime.

Refurbishing a machine tool is often an expensive and time-consuming project that results in losses both through the immediate costs of maintenance as well as in terms of the time that the machine spends at a standstill. Machine tool refurbishment should therefore be prevented for as long as possible, and maintenance of way covers plays a major role in this.

Life cycle operation model

1. Evaluating the machine’s condition, procuring a new way cover and monitoring it.
2. The machine tool’s old way cover is repaired without disturbing production.
3. Service the covers in turn according to the maintenance plan and observations.
4. When the cover reaches the end of its useful life, we deliver a new cover to replace it and recycle the old one.

Life cycle services and predictability

Life cycle services help companies get a better understanding of maintenance as a whole and allow them to anticipate the next phase of maintenance ahead of time, be it annual maintenance, increased risk of downtime, or disposal and replacement of an old part.

By measuring the lifespan of components and parts, we can avoid unnecessary procurements made “just in case” and predict the likelihood of risks more accurately.  Therefore, Maxjas Oy can focus on maintenance work where needed and improve its predictability by utilising the machine’s usage and history data. With the help of the existing data, we can more effectively predict what work needs to be carried out on machine tools and prepare for it well in advance of planned maintenance.

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Frequently asked questions

Maxjas Oy supplies way and bellows covers, chip conveyors and way lubrication equipment, machine guards, cable channels and other accessories for machine tools. We offer extensive maintenance services for way covers for machine tools and comprehensive life cycle services for our way covers.

At the latest, way covers should be serviced when they become visibly worn, dented or damaged. However, maintenance is best done pre-emptively, which is why Maxjas recommends regular, annual maintenance for way covers. By following that approach, the covers will last longer and production is shielded from unexpected shutdowns. 

If you do not know whether your way covers require maintenance or not, you can arrange for Maxjas to evaluate the condition and remaining lifetime of the covers free of charge.

In terms of maintenance of way covers, we replace section wipers, smooth section surfaces, replace any worn or damaged slides, bearings, brass and other parts. Each repaired cover is tested before return to the customer. Before each maintenance service, the client is given a cost estimate and details of the work to be done. On request, we can also carry out installation after maintenance.

We can procure way covers for any machine. We can take the measurements from the old cover and provide a new one quickly and at a competitive price.

Our life cycle service helps companies to get a better understanding of maintenance as a whole and to be prepared for the next step in maintaining their way covers. With our life cycle service, we identify and classify the way covers sent to us according to their condition. When the cover’s next estimated maintenance date is due, we already know what work needs to be carried out. 

This enables us to accurately monitor the development of the way cover’s condition and provide a new cover for our client in time, before the way cover reaches the end of its life. This in turn creates continuous savings for our clients and prevents unnecessary production downtime.

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